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Upload Sim 2.0 - The Biggest Update Yet!

With the 2.0 version around the corner, we would like to showcase some of the new features coming in Upload Simulator 2.0. This is the biggest update yet, and it changes many core mechanics of the game, along with some system reworks, and a new prestige system! 1. Downloading???

Upload Simulator 2.0 reworks the main aspect of the game: uploading. Since files have to come from somewhere, we have decided to merge Download Sim mechanics with Upload Sim.

You now have a list for downloads and uploads. Both of these lists can be hidden if you want to fit more uploads or downloads on the screen. You might have noticed that the mining button is gone, and that's because we are making mining a passive method of earning credits. Instead, now you'll get an "Add Download" button. But how does it work?

From now on, you must first purchase a download using credits by pressing the download button. The download will be added to the list, and it will automatically start downloading. Once it is done, it will be queued to be uploaded. If an upload slot is available, the download will be moved to the upload list, where it will be uploaded to peers and reward you with credits. Uploads no longer grant credits on tick, which means you have to complete peers to receive your credits and reputation. The amount of credits to be rewarded per peer is now displayed in the upload itself.

Another big change is to the "game system", which would show games from real life. Since it had many issues with loading and copyright, we've decided that it would be better to remove them, and instead use randomly generated names.

This new system makes the Collectionist achievement much easier. In fact, it can be completed in minutes with the right strategy.

2. Upgrade System Reworked

Both Upload Sim and Download Sim had one thing in common: an upgrade system that offered no gameplay value. It was difficult to keep developing creative names for each upgrade, and they didn't impact in the player choices.

We've decided that the game should have a layer of decision making, with different ways for the user to evolve inside the game. So this is why we are introducing a new type of currency: Fame points.

Fame points is a currency that does not scale, which makes it very valuable and forces the player to make a decision between multiple upgrades.

You can get more fame points by increasing your reputation level, which awards you with a single fame point.

This decision making is great because at early stages the player can choose to spend points in more connection speed, or spend points in automating downloads.

3. Overclocking

The overclocker is weird. What are overclocking devices anyway?

The overclocker component was completely reworked. It doesn't scale exponentially anymore, it has many upgrades, and most importantly: it gives energy!

Energy is a new mechanic. Differently from the overclocking devices, it isn't produced overtime, and is instead static. If you are producing 100 Watts of energy, you will always have 100 Watts of energy.

You can overclock components with energy, which will increase consumption, or even underclock them to reduce consumption.

This leads to some interesting possibilities, like underclocking the storage, so you can boost your network instead. In the picture above, you can see that the overclocker is producing a total of 255.9PW of energy, while we are consuming 212.3PW of energy, leaving us with 43.56PW spare.

If you have good perception skills, you should have also noticed that the overclocker is... overclocked!? You can now overclock the overclocker, but instead of costing energy it will cost credits, so you can upgrade it forever.

4. Amplifier and Storage Manager Components The amplifier and the storage manager are also receiving a big rework, and they are now components, found at the bottom of the components tab after being unlocked.

The amplifier doesn't require to be toggled anymore to be upgraded, in fact, it doesn't even need data to be upgraded. Instead, it requires energy to increase its effectiveness, and a lot of it! You can change how much you want to boost the amplifier with a slider, giving you the freedom to reduce its consumption.

The amplifier formula was also changed, and is now back to the old formula that corrupted many saves back in 1.2. But don't worry, it is now limited and won't cause any damage to your save.

The Storage Manager now works by multiplying the file size instead of changing it completely. Meaning that upgrades to the storage component are meaningful again.

5. Prestige

Upload Simulator was lacking something that many other incrementals had: a second prestige layer. But the wait is finally over! When you boot up Upload Sim 2.0 you will have a new objective on top of the research tree:

The prestige system works by doubling the effects of all unlimited research perks at the cost of restarting your research progress.

So perks like Bandwidth, Mining Power, Investment, Efficiency and Potency have twice as much effect.

Prestige can be achieved multiple times, so you can break the game even further.

And much more!

Many changes have been made to the game, and we are not covering everything in here, so stay in touch for a detailed patch notes.

Thanks very much for playing and supporting Upload Simulator. Our goal now is to make 2.0 a stable release and focus on releasing it on Steam very soon.

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